DIY: Easy Seat Cushion (without piping)

I’ve been teaching upholstery workshops for a couple of years now. It’s been absolutely amazing – I would never have guessed that I’d enjoy it so much. My students have all been great, and very eager to learn! So, it has been a real surprise to me that many people are reluctant to sew. EspeciallyContinue reading “DIY: Easy Seat Cushion (without piping)”

So, how did you get into upholstery?

I wonder how many times I’ve been asked this question. I guess it’s a polite thing to talk about, like the weather, more than a question that really burns in people’s minds but I’ve been pondering it myself lately because I’ve been asked this question in each of my workshops. Usually, when I’m expecting a questionContinue reading “So, how did you get into upholstery?”

How to Strip A Chair

Stripping furniture is, unfortunately, an inevitable part of any reupholstery project. It’s hard on your hands, wrists and arms. It can be dusty, and will certainly be messy. But, you can get it over with as quickly and as easily as possible with the following tips. For those who will be joining my Upholstery Workshops,Continue reading “How to Strip A Chair”

Kijiji Freebies…it’s just good Karma, Baby!

Is there any greater rush than finding a great piece of furniture on Kijiji? Only finding that it’s free, perhaps! Of course, you’ll have to be logged on to the Kijiji site at the precise moment that freebie is listed, because I tell you, those items disappear fast! The sofa above (and its matching chair)Continue reading “Kijiji Freebies…it’s just good Karma, Baby!”

DIY: Upholstering a Small Side Chair

If you’ve been wanting to try your hand at upholstery, a small side chair is a great way to start. Unlike a Parsons chair, (view my tutorial of one here), this chair has arms to cut around, and a border (yours may not) so it is a bit more complicated. Begin by stripping the chair,Continue reading “DIY: Upholstering a Small Side Chair”

DIY: How to Make Capped Dining Seats

Except for the “straight pullover” style, this is probably the simplest upholstered dining chair to do. It makes a great beginner project, if you are comfortable with a sewing machine. For each set of two chairs, you will need a yard of a plain fabric (or a yard and a half of patterned). You willContinue reading “DIY: How to Make Capped Dining Seats”

Re-Upholstering Rollover Arms (How to Replace Foam)

The arms on this chair have obviously seen better days. Although the foam was not breaking down and could have been reused, my client decided she wanted it to be replaced. Replacing foam on furniture is quite costly, but it is sometimes necessary. If a chair smells bad, either from cigarette smoke or lingering petContinue reading “Re-Upholstering Rollover Arms (How to Replace Foam)”

Upholstery Tip – How to Measure For Fabric Requirements

The first step to any successful reupholstery project is to choose some great fabric. But how much to purchase? Good upholstery fabric can be pricey, so you don’t want to buy more than you have to, but it’s even worse to buy not enough! Let’s measure an average chair. This one has a seat andContinue reading “Upholstery Tip – How to Measure For Fabric Requirements”