Kijiji Freebies…it’s just good Karma, Baby!

20130801-074757.jpgIs there any greater rush than finding a great piece of furniture on Kijiji? Only finding that it’s free, perhaps! Of course, you’ll have to be logged on to the Kijiji site at the precise moment that freebie is listed, because I tell you, those items disappear fast!

The sofa above (and its matching chair) was a free item found on Kijiji. It is not mine, very unfortunately. But the client who brought it to me is so incredibly sweet, I was happy to deliver the newly updated sofa to her last night. Call it Kijiji Karma, if you will.

20130801-075751.jpgRemember this sofa? It was free, found on Kijiji. Of course, this one required a bit more “vision” to realize the potential it possessed. It looked like this when my client discovered it:

20130801-080127.jpg(Surprisingly, I don’t think she had to fight for this freebie ;))

20130801-080337.jpgMy own Kijiji freebie was this set from the 1920s.

20130801-080503.jpgAll three pieces were in terrible shape, but with some lovin’, turned out looking like this:


Don’t forget to look curb side on garbage day, either!

20130801-080830.jpgMy neighbour was throwing this out, but it still has plenty of life left.

20130801-081022.jpgThis sofa was free as well!

20130801-081143.jpgThis little settee was rescued from the landfill.

20130801-081335.jpgAs was this gem! Look how great it became:


Don’t forget the #1 Rule of Kijiji Karma: Post those freebies! Your undesirables could be my treasure! And vice-versa, of course.

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