Choosing Fabric for your Upholstery Project – Part Two: KIDS!

What kind of fabric should I look for if I have young kids? I have three kids, so I am fully aware of their destruction potential (more on that later), however…I am rarely asked this question. Know why? Because parents of young kids know that no fabric can stand up to the daily abuse ofContinue reading “Choosing Fabric for your Upholstery Project – Part Two: KIDS!”

DIY: Upholstering a Small Side Chair

If you’ve been wanting to try your hand at upholstery, a small side chair is a great way to start. Unlike a Parsons chair, (view my tutorial of one here), this chair has arms to cut around, and a border (yours may not) so it is a bit more complicated. Begin by stripping the chair,Continue reading “DIY: Upholstering a Small Side Chair”