DIY: How to Make Capped Dining Seats

Except for the “straight pullover” style, this is probably the simplest upholstered dining chair to do. It makes a great beginner project, if you are comfortable with a sewing machine. For each set of two chairs, you will need a yard of a plain fabric (or a yard and a half of patterned). You willContinue reading “DIY: How to Make Capped Dining Seats”

How to Keep Your Studs In Line (some upholstery advice)

Artisan Upholstery Studio has a YouTube Channel! Check it out now to view our descriptive upholstery tutorials! Did you ever wonder how an upholsterer gets those decorative studs to line up just so? Probably not, unless you’ve tried to do it yourself. They aren’t like regular nail heads; they are rounded. Therefore, if you haven’t had someContinue reading “How to Keep Your Studs In Line (some upholstery advice)”