DIY: How to Make Capped Dining Seats

20130605-143742.jpgExcept for the “straight pullover” style, this is probably the simplest upholstered dining chair to do. It makes a great beginner project, if you are comfortable with a sewing machine. For each set of two chairs, you will need a yard of a plain fabric (or a yard and a half of patterned). You will also need tissue welting to make your piping.

20130605-144342.jpgYou start by stripping off the old fabric.

20130605-144543.jpgMake a template using either the old fabric (you’ll have to remove the stitches to get just the top panel) or the plywood seat as your guide. If using the plywood, cut 1/2″ larger to accommodate the seam allowance. Measure each seat. Often, the “Captain’s Chair” seat is bigger!! Also, if you have a pattern, now is the time to make sure it is centered, and identical on every seat panel.

20130605-144800.jpgCut out the top panel, the border (4″ should do) and piping (1 1/2″). Begin by sewing the piping onto the panel.

20130605-145446.jpgMake sure all joins are at the back!

20130605-165241.jpgNext, sew the border on, by first folding the fabric. At the end, sew right over the folded fabric, overlapping about an inch or two.

20130605-165513.jpgAdd a thick layer of cotton felt or bonded polyester. (Skip this step if you prefer your chairs look like you purchased them cheap from Costco. wink)

20130605-165853.jpgThe actual upholstery is pretty straightforward. The only trick is getting the measurement the same all the way around.

20130605-170045.jpgAdd a row of piping to the bottom, and then tack on your bottom liner. C’est tout!

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