Re-Upholstering a Retro Sofa (part two)

20130608-195346.jpgLast week, I posted about this sofa, which was a badly recovered retro piece with the original fabric left underneath. It has had some major cosmetic surgery this week! As they say, pictures speak louder than words, so I’ll just cut to the chase for you.

20130608-200114.jpgThis very vintage looking blue-grey, lightly patterned fabric has replaced the old. I have reused the old foam, but added thick layers of felt and bonded polyester to freshen the sofa and give it added fullness.

20130608-200303.jpgThis style is called square (or biscuit) tufted (not to be confused with a regular buttoned style). This means that the squares have been sewn together to form channels, and padded. Each channel had to be stitched carefully and equidistant so the end result looks correct.

20130609-160222.jpgI first upholstered the seat, and then the arms.

20130609-160005.jpgThe back was done next, making sure all the seams lined up.

20130609-161632.jpgSo, here she is…the completed sofa.

Read on for details of the major changes…

The arms:

20130609-161753.jpgThe client wanted a classic mid-century look, so I made the arms more sleek and square.

20130609-162117.jpgI love the ski slope shape of the arms. I didn’t add piping, because I wanted to keep the look very simple and modern. The arm is top stitched instead.


The Seat Edge:

20130609-162639.jpgAlthough “the marshmallow” look may or may not be coming back…it certainly wasn’t the look we were going for here. I changed it to a very simple design.

This client came to pick up her new sofa today, and was thrilled with the look. I just love a happy upholstery ending!

6 thoughts

  1. WOW!!!!! I am very impressed with your design choices and completion skills. Great job!!! Where did you do this??

  2. This is beautiful what you do on top of the beautiful upholstery job is help the client pick the right fabric. I know from trying this on a simple chair the weight/content etc of the fabric sometimes is just as important.

    1. Thanks, Sheila.

      My clients choose their own fabric, usually with very little guidance from me. People are often nervous about their choice, and merely need me to confirm that it will look great. (If you love the furniture and you love the fabric, how can you go wrong?)

      It’s true that fabric choice is important, but as long as it’s an upholstery grade fabric, I can work with it.

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