Re-Upholstering a Retro Sofa (part two)

Last week, I posted about this sofa, which was a badly recovered retro piece with the original fabric left underneath. It has had some major cosmetic surgery this week! As they say, pictures speak louder than words, so I’ll just cut to the chase for you. This very vintage looking blue-grey, lightly patterned fabric hasContinue reading “Re-Upholstering a Retro Sofa (part two)”

A Tufted Loveseat Gets Sophisticated

This sweet loveseat was brought to me for a makeover. It isn’t an antique -just a reproduction piece- but it’s still cute as a button and worth saving. It will look terrific with a bit of updated fabric. Tufting a seat and back is not something I would recommend for a first-timer. You’d probably wantContinue reading “A Tufted Loveseat Gets Sophisticated”