A Tufted Loveseat Gets Sophisticated

This sweet loveseat was brought to me for a makeover. It isn’t an antique -just a reproduction piece- but it’s still cute as a button and worth saving. It will look terrific with a bit of updated fabric.
20130526-072019.jpgTufting a seat and back is not something I would recommend for a first-timer. You’d probably want to try tufting a headboard or ottoman for a beginner project. These are the steps I went through:

Using the old fabric as my guide, I marked out where the new buttons would go. 20130526-072136.jpg I prepared the seat with a layer of cotton felt padding. 20130526-072235.jpg I made holes in the felt with my fingers, and cut the felt where the pleats will go. 20130526-072546.jpg The foam looked like this before I covered it, with holes die-cut out where the buttons are placed. 20130526-072658.jpg For tufting, I use button twine, a long button needle, and wire-eye buttons.20130526-073158.jpg I make the buttons myself with my button maker. For this project, I made 44 buttons.20130526-073915.jpg I started in the centre, matching the mark on the fabric to the correct hole in the foam.20130526-074214.jpg I placed all my buttons before tying them at the bottom using a slip knot. 20130526-074459.jpg I arranged the folds in the pleats before I pulled the slip knots as tight as I could.

20130526-074831.jpg When finished, the pleats should be even and neat.


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