Re-Upholstering A Retro Sofa!

20130601-105854.jpgIf you saw this sofa on the side of the road, would you stop to pick it up? The story of this project epitomizes my business model, and makes me so very, very excited.

When I was first approached by this client, she was asking if I could recover her newer furniture to look more vintage.

20130601-110726.jpgI replied that with new wood legs and vintage inspired fabric, her pieces would indeed look more mid-century. But as you can see, her pieces were in really good shape. Kind of a waste to reupholster perfectly good newer furniture, though it was, of course, her decision to make.

20130601-111349.jpgAbout a month later, the same woman contacted me to say she found this sofa on Kijiji, and was going to sell her newer furniture to finance reupholstery of this vintage piece, which would have otherwise ended up in the landfill. Woo hoo! The ultimate win/win!

So, I am currently at the stripping stage, and here’s what I’ve found:

20130601-111758.jpgA DIY job (and kind of a poor one at that) and the old, original fabric left in place.

20130601-111919.jpgI actually love to find the original fabric hidden underneath the newer. It’s like an archeological dig, and gives me great insight into how I will recreate the piece to look more like it once did.

20130601-112136.jpgSo now that I’ve stripped it bare it looks much more appealing, and perhaps you, too, can see the hidden potential of this gem!

Updates on this piece in a week or so, stay tuned!

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