DIY: How to replace a button

20130619-180645.jpgA popped button! Of all the annoying things to go wrong on a tufted piece of furniture, this would be it. And the most common. Here’s what you do to fix the little problem.

20130619-180911.jpgRemove the lining very carefully so that you can just put it back on when you’re finished.

20130619-181007.jpgInvestigate the problem. What the heck?? Are those freaking nails in this bench?? [Shaking my head in disbelief, people.]

20130619-181247.jpgYou’ll need button twine and a large needle to replace your buttons.

20130619-181347.jpgFeed the button (you did save the buttons, right?) through the hole and make a slip knot with cotton felt, piping, fabric scraps, polyester – really anything except nails.

20130619-181715.jpgPull as tight as possible, and tie twice to hold in place. Replace the lining.


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