Updating an 80s Swivel Rocker

We are all familiar with the 1980s era swivel rocker. Famously outfitted in pink velvet, they must have been at the height of popularity a few decades ago, because there are a lot of these chairs up for sale on Kijiji currently. Oh, they come in other colours; I’ve seen orange, silver and blue, butContinue reading “Updating an 80s Swivel Rocker”

Mid-Century Chair Project – Uncovering Hidden Wood Trim!

What’s not to love about classic mid-century chairs? When the client sent me the photos of these chairs (there are two), I thought they looked pretty nice…a closer look revealed the ugly truth. The foam was definitely original…I found a tag that dated it at “1958”. That is some old foam. But look what elseContinue reading “Mid-Century Chair Project – Uncovering Hidden Wood Trim!”

Choosing Fabric for your Upholstery Project – Part Three: Mid-Century Modern Furniture

So you’ve got your amazing vintage find, now what? You’ve got to pair it with the perfect fabric, of course! Mid-Century Modern furniture is best identified by its clean lines. It is best featured when fabric is understated. Colour is great, but steer clear of large-scale, bold patterns. Here are my top recommendations for maintainingContinue reading “Choosing Fabric for your Upholstery Project – Part Three: Mid-Century Modern Furniture”

Re-Styling a Classic Kroehler

There was recently some discussion on my Facebook page about whether or not a classic Kroehler chair needed to be reupholstered, or if it was perfect in its original state. The two schools of thought seem to be: 1. Vintage furniture ought to remain intact and as original as possible in order to preserve itsContinue reading “Re-Styling a Classic Kroehler”

Re-Upholstering a Retro Sofa (part two)

Last week, I posted about this sofa, which was a badly recovered retro piece with the original fabric left underneath. It has had some major cosmetic surgery this week! As they say, pictures speak louder than words, so I’ll just cut to the chase for you. This very vintage looking blue-grey, lightly patterned fabric hasContinue reading “Re-Upholstering a Retro Sofa (part two)”