Mid-Century Chair Project – Uncovering Hidden Wood Trim!

What’s not to love about classic mid-century chairs? When the client sent me the photos of these chairs (there are two), I thought they looked pretty nice…a closer look revealed the ugly truth. The foam was definitely original…I found a tag that dated it at “1958”. That is some old foam. But look what elseContinue reading “Mid-Century Chair Project – Uncovering Hidden Wood Trim!”

The Kroehler Chair Happiness Project

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day… Doesn’t this colour just make you wanna sing out? No? Well, then you probably wouldn’t want to be with me in my studio today. It’s rainy and I’m singing. This current project is for a fellow Kroehler enthusiast. He found this chair at Value Village for $9.99!! WhyContinue reading “The Kroehler Chair Happiness Project”