The Kroehler Chair Happiness Project

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day…

Doesn’t this colour just make you wanna sing out? No? Well, then you probably wouldn’t want to be with me in my studio today. It’s rainy and I’m singing.

This current project is for a fellow Kroehler enthusiast. He found this chair at Value Village for $9.99!! Why do I never have that kind of luck at VV? As always, it was up to my client to choose his own fabric. He contacted me beforehand for my opinion about an idea that came to him for this great vintage Kroehler swivel rocker.

He was inspired by a shoe, of all things, and wanted the chair to be as cool…

Such an awesome idea! Though I may not find the best deals on furniture, I have the best luck with attracting great clients! I love a good collaboration project.

We discussed how, when combining fabrics in an upholstery project, the two fabrics must be of a similar weight and stretch to work properly together. It’s not always easy to work with two or more fabrics…and when combining fabric and vinyl, the challenge is even greater. But, it’s the challenges that keep me interested and engaged.


20130912-085823.jpgHey! The sun’s coming out!



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