Choosing Fabric for your Upholstery Project – Part Three: Mid-Century Modern Furniture


So you’ve got your amazing vintage find, now what? You’ve got to pair it with the perfect fabric, of course! Mid-Century Modern furniture is best identified by its clean lines. It is best featured when fabric is understated. Colour is great, but steer clear of large-scale, bold patterns.

Here are my top recommendations for maintaining an authentic look for mid-century furniture.


A classic look for mid-century furniture, Bouclé adds character and texture to any piece.

Tweed and Plain Weave Fabric

Tweed adds a subtle pattern, without overpowering. A course, plain weave is textural, so it adds interest to the piece without the need for a strong pattern.


Felted Wool

Wool is warm and durable, and lends itself to fine detailing such as biscuit tufting.   


For a traditional twist, pairing a luxurious velvet with modern furniture is both unexpected and appropriate.


Small Geometric Pattern

20130909-172928.jpgphoto credit winterbeachmodern
Small geometric patterns work well with smaller pieces. A chair in this fabric is a great way to introduce fun, colourful design into your space.

For more information about fabric identification and properties, visit this amazing site.

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