Accomplice – Your Partner in Crime

This job continues to provide me with fascinating and noteworthy projects! Recently, I delivered a sofa and was invited to tour this fantastic, vibrant North End business.  “Accomplice Content Supply Co. (aka. ‘Accomplice’) is a team of content creators in Halifax, Nova Scotia, headed up by partners Evan Kelly, Bob Mills, and Kristen Allison. OurContinue reading “Accomplice – Your Partner in Crime”

Three Recent Projects in Paul Smith “Big Stripe” 

I guess you could say that there’s been a lot of interest in Paul Smith’s Big Stripe fabric around here. How exciting for me! I’ve loved working with this fabric, even though it does present some challenges. Because this fabric has an 92″ pattern repeat, each project will have a very different look, depending onContinue reading “Three Recent Projects in Paul Smith “Big Stripe” “