Accomplice – Your Partner in Crime

This job continues to provide me with fascinating and noteworthy projects! Recently, I delivered a sofa and was invited to tour this fantastic, vibrant North End business.

 “Accomplice Content Supply Co. (aka. ‘Accomplice’) is a team of content creators in Halifax, Nova Scotia, headed up by partners Evan Kelly, Bob Mills, and Kristen Allison. Our roster is stacked with directors, producers, editors, animators, and an audio engineer who are ready to do your dirty work.”

The goal was to give a hand-me-down sofa some character. Working together, we found the perfect fabric to update this antique to make it work with their very funky space. 

I was incredibly impressed by the fun, yet professional environment created by this team. 

You can check out their work for yourself at

What an opportunity it was, to be able to go bold in an office setting. I very much look forward to working with other creative businesses in the future!

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