Three Recent Projects in Paul Smith “Big Stripe” 

I guess you could say that there’s been a lot of interest in Paul Smith’s Big Stripe fabric around here. How exciting for me! I’ve loved working with this fabric, even though it does present some challenges. Because this fabric has an 92″ pattern repeat, each project will have a very different look, depending on the particular stripe you choose to start with. 

Here are just a few of the ways this stunning fabric can look when used on different pieces of furniture. 

This chair looks different from all angles – a very cool side effect of the large repeat. I’ve decided to match the stripes, but it would be very different if the stripes were completely random. 

This set of dining chairs looks spectacular dressed in bold stripes. I love the way each chair is unique. 

This Grete Jalk sofa represents one full pattern repeat – and I think it’s just gorgeous. Although I prefer the stripes aligned, the cushions can all be re-arranged for a more playful, and less deliberate look. 

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I hope this leaves you feeling inspired! :)

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