The Behemoth Sofa Project

So, as you can imagine, the family was thrilled to come home to see this vintage sofa parked in the foyer a couple weeks ago. It was dropped off during an Upholstery Workshop, so was parked here for a couple days waiting for the workshop space to open up. 

Measuring 10 feet 4 inches long, it was a bit of a bear to move around. Better to climb over it than to move it back and forth, I supposed.  

Normally, I pride myself on my ability to move around heavy pieces of furniture. This one was an absolute no-go for me. Once the tables were removed, it was much more manageable, thankfully. 

This client has had this sofa for four years, and (he mentioned several times) was extremely excited about finally having it reupholstered. I love this electric blue fabric he chose – Messenger by Maharam. We decided the wood colour should be changed to pop against the blue. 

I took some creative liberties on this one; I just really wanted to give that lo-o-ong back some stand-out detailing. After I found out he was a Cadillac enthusiast, I knew he would love the result. Auto upholstery always has such cool detailing. 

My inspiration was the wood slats on the drawer fronts. 

As great as it was to be inspired by this project, I’ll be glad to reclaim my space now that she’s gone back home! 

This was a personal project for Mark, but if you love stunning vintage furniture, you should check out Mark and Val’s vintage furniture store at Retrospekt

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