8 Reasons to Choose Re-upholstery

As a furniture upholsterer, I am always asked by potential clients if their furniture is worth re-upholstering. If you are asking yourself the same question, here are some things to consider when making the decision.

1. It’s antique. Making the choice to re-upholster is easy if your piece is antique or vintage. I always recommend to keep old straw and horsehair paddings, rather than to replace it with foam, which takes away the authenticity of the piece.


2. The design has come back into style. This sofa is from the 1960s, but the tuxedo style has certainly come back into vogue.

3. Quality. If your current piece has a hardwood frame, coil springs, down or spring cushions, it most certainly is a high quality piece and a good candidate for re-upholstery. Outdated details can easily be changed or eliminated by a skilled upholsterer. This sofa originally had a skirt. It’s removal has made this piece much more contemporary.

4. Go Green! Can you believe that this sofa was picked off the street prior to the garbage truck’s arrival? Obviously, not everyone would choose to throw an antique into the landfill, but we have become a throw-away culture. Buy a cheap sofa, and dump it when it gets ratty. If you must purchase new, buy a quality piece that you will be able to have re-upholstered in the future.

5. Cost. Re-upholstery is less expensive than purchasing a new high-quality piece. Sure, for the cost of re-upholstery, you can probably purchase a brand new, cheap, poorly made piece of furniture. But, really, why would you?

6. Statement pieces. A re-upholstered retro piece is a one-of-kind showpiece that can’t be purchased by anyone else. If unique style is important to you, then find a treasure and make it yours.

7. Treasure hunting. Nothing beats a treasure hunting mission at the Salvation Army Thrift Store! If you love the thrill of the hunt, and you have a good eye for “that special piece”, then you are probably familiar with the benefits of re-upholstery.

8. Sentimental value. Maybe you’ve been given your Grandmother’s favourite reading chair. Perhaps you have a special attachment to the chair you rocked your baby in. There are so many reasons not to part with old furniture, and when you combine antique family heirlooms with new and contemporary furnishings, your home becomes the story of your life.

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