My Magnum Opus: An Antique Fluted Back Sofa

20130413-200133.jpgCan you believe that this sad little lady was found on the side of the road awaiting the garbage truck? I’ve got to say, it just breaks my heart that someone would feel that this is an appropriate thing to do. When she eventually came into my care, she was soaking wet from being out in the elements.

20130413-200437.jpgI guess the people who put her there had some concerns.

20130413-200540.jpgThe springs themselves were actually fine…they didn’t require a complete re-tying job, but I did reinforce what was there. Also, I replaced the webbing.

The show wood was first primed, and then painted black for a dramatic update. Upholstering this seat edge was a labourious process.

20130413-201054.jpgThe curves and the soft spring edge made it so that the seat edge had to be completely hand stitched into place.

20130413-200915.jpgThe back was made up of straw, underneath the flutes, which are seen on the floor here. Each flute was individually stitched before being filled with the original cotton felt. This process took many hours, after the old stuffing was dried out completely.

20130414-132603.jpgThe curve on each cushion was accentuated. The original cushions were the old spring-filled type that I adore, and each one was thoroughly dried before going into the new forms.


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