Top Ten Signs You May Be A DIY Addict

I often wonder if my DIY “projects” have crossed over into some kind of DIY “obsession”.

If this sounds like it might describe you, and you are also concerned that you’ve crossed the line, here are my Top Ten Signs that you, too, may be a DIY junkie.

10. Every piece of clothing you own – yes, even the formalwear – has a telltale drop of paint somewhere. You wear long sleeves to cover the marks.


9. All your knives are slightly bent, because you didn’t want to waste precious time getting the proper tool.


8. Your hands, like your clothes, are pretty much always paint splattered. Or band-aided.


7. You feel the need to hide the truth about yourself from others; moving clutter from room to room in order to get that perfect “after” shot.
What the world sees:

20130307-143432.jpgWhat we don’t see, just out of the frame:


6. Paintbrushes grace many of the available surfaces around your sink(s).


5. You have paint chips on permanent display around your home for inspiration.


4. You are on a first name basis with your paint/fabric/hardware store clerks. You send them Christmas cards. Also, you named your firstborn DeWalt.


3. You have a dedicated space in which to coordinate your projects and store all of your tools and inspirational objets. You want it to look like one of those polished, organized, clutter-free studios from Houzz. It actually looks like this:


2. Your family is being neglected. Example: Your 3 kids are sick. Instead of nursing them, you quickly rush to get your project finished before you also get sick.


And the number one sign you may be a DIY junkie:

1. Your kitchen counters are often still covered with your project materials while you are cooking dinner.

Oh, wait. Is that one just me? Oh. Well. Actually, that explains a lot.


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