DIY Armcaps

Armcaps are oh-so-easy to sew. All you need is a fabric that either matches, or coordinates with the fabric on your piece of furniture.

The first step is to make a pattern of the arm. There are a couple ways to do this, depending on the style of arm your sofa has.

On this chair, the shape of the arm is determined by the front.

20130304-142820.jpgTrace the shape of the front of the arm onto your chosen fabric.

20130304-143053.jpgNext, determine how long you want your caps to be. I strongly recommend making the caps the entire length and width of the arm, as it looks much less conspicuous, however, in my case I didn’t have enough fabric!

20130304-143355.jpgOnce you have your two pieces cut, stitch them together, and then topstitch for a more professional look.

20130304-143551.jpgOn the front it will look like this. Hem the bottom. If your fabric frays, don’t forget to zigzag the edge first!


20130304-143746.jpgMuch better, even if the pattern doesn’t line up properly.

For my sofa, the shape of the arm is determined by the side.

20130304-154955.jpgWhen tracing the pattern, the shape is traced from the side rather than the front. A long band is cut out for the top of the arm.

20130304-155154.jpgThe inside piece is also shaped to the curved side view. The three pieces are stitched together to form the cap, and then topstitched for a professional look.

20130304-155418.jpgUse twist pins to hold them in place.


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