Restoring an Antique Sheraton Sofa


This past summer, I got a text from my good friends Shawn and Colin, while they were on their way to pick up a very exciting Kijiji score. Priced way below value at only $200, they knew they had to rush down to Petite Rivière (an hour or so drive) to grab this beautiful antique before a dealer did. They were elated to get it…and let it sit in my basement for four months until it was finally their turn on my wait list. (Even good friends don’t get to the head of the line!)

It had been reupholstered (probably many times, as Shawn estimates it to be from the 1820s) and all the original stuffing replaced with foam. It was a great looking piece, and comfortable with foam, but Shawn is interested in maintaining the authenticity of antique pieces. Out with the foam, in with the straw!

The straw was reclaimed from a couple of old chairs from my basement collection. I teased it to give it volume, (cough, cough, wheeze) and added thick layers of cotton felt over top.

Shawn wanted a separate feather/down cushion to be made, instead of a tight seat. I created a seat edge for this reason.


Shawn has wanted a Sheraton sofa since he was 12 years old, and now he’s finally got one to be proud of! He made a perfect fabric choice – the classy bold stripes really make this piece shine.


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