Online Upholstery Courses

These new online courses are made for those who are looking to expand their skills past the YouTube “entertainment” level, and move toward a career in upholstery.

The video courses are longer, more detailed, and explain every aspect of a real client project, start to finish.

You will be linked to my new teaching website Upholstery.Life to view these videos. Upholstery.Life is a grassroots, no frills website designed to be accessible to all. If you’re interested in learning upholstery as a hobby or a business, these videos will be helpful to you. They are informative and very reasonably priced, and every donation goes right back into making more videos for you. Thank you for your support.

Link to Course: Biscuit Tufted Vintage Chair
Link to Course: Upholstering an Antique Ladies Chair
Link to Course: Upholstering a Simple Side Chair
Link to Course: Perfect Pattern Matching
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