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If you are looking for a qualified upholsterer in the Halifax area, Aimee Swikit may be the one you’ve been searching for. With a fine arts background, extensive training in proper upholstery techniques, and more than 20 years of professional experience, you can trust your treasured vintage and antique furniture will be well taken care of.

Specializing in updating mid-century and antique furniture. As a one-person operation there are some time constraints, and not all projects can be accepted.

5 thoughts

  1. Hi Aimee, We have an old chaise lounger that I would like to get upholstered to modernize. Hoping you could quote on it. What information would you need?

  2. As a novice in upholstering, I’m a mechanical engineer, I have started a project that is totally out of my expertise. You have been extremely informative on upholstering dining room chairs. I constantly refer to your class on the internet. I not only enjoy your down to earth instructions but always sign off with the hope that some day me sons will bring home someone with beauty and brains of Aimee Swikit.


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