The Re-Styled Collection – by Commission!

Is it cheaper to reupholster a vintage sofa, than to buy new? Not always. Is it cooler? Hell yeah!

Artisan Upholstery Studio’s Re-Styled Collection of upholstered furniture is now available by commission.

Choose your vintage sofa, choose your fabric, leave it in Aimee’s hands and voila! – take home your own masterpiece!

Currently, there are 4 awesome, stylish, well built vintage sofas to choose from, a ginormous stunning sectional (yes! With the built in corner bar!) and 5 boxy midcentury chairs. Always on the lookout for more.

Contact Aimee for more details.

2 thoughts

  1. Hey Aimee,
    What fabric did you use on the gray sofa? was it one of ours? would love to show it off in the next newsletter. Ewa,

    1. Hi Ewa,
      This was from J. Ennis Fabrics. I have a photo of a chair that was done in light grey Divina Melange from your site, if you’re interested.

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