The Re-Styled Collection – by Commission!

Is it cheaper to reupholster a vintage sofa, than to buy new? Not always. Is it cooler? Hell yeah!

Artisan Upholstery Studio’s Re-Styled Collection of upholstered furniture is now available by commission.

Choose your vintage sofa, choose your fabric, leave it in Aimee’s hands and voila! – take home your own masterpiece!

Currently, there are 4 awesome, stylish, well built vintage sofas to choose from, a ginormous stunning sectional (yes! With the built in corner bar!) and 5 boxy midcentury chairs. Always on the lookout for more.

Contact Aimee for more details.

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    1. Hi Ewa,
      This was from J. Ennis Fabrics. I have a photo of a chair that was done in light grey Divina Melange from your site, if you’re interested.

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