Introducing: Our very first collaborative set

Check this out! Artisan Upholstery Studio and Retrospekt have started to combine their skills to bring fantastic vintage design to the Maritimes! Curious about what the heck that means? Read on..

The Retrospekt boys, Mark and Val, are pretty great at sourcing out some really cool furniture from far and wide. With serious packing skills, and the ability to travel long distances on little sleep, they are able to haul these great things back to Halifax. Believe me, this is no small task!

Canadian-made, this stunning Gondola Style sofa and chair set from Cimon Ltd. (Montreal) was chosen for its very unique design. 

Aimee, from Artisan Upholstery Studio, is the mastermind behind the transformations. She’s been carefully selecting fabulous designer fabrics to complement each piece of furniture Mark and Val bring to her doorstep. 

The finished pieces are truly extraordinary. 

The sofa has been artfully styled with “peekaboo pleat” detailing, incorporating the complementary chair fabric into the design. The understated sofa fabric is from Maharam ( The chair has been reupholstered in a playful, contemporary fabric by Carnegie Fabrics ( 

We hope you’ll stay in touch, and keep checking out The Re-Styled Collection

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