Releasing the Kraken (or, How I’ve been spending my Xmas holidays)

So here we are, smack in the middle of holiday down-time, over-indulgence and family togetherness…and it is all good. The snow has finally begun to fall in earnest, which means the kids have put down their electronics, and have dug out their sleds. Red-cheeked with runny noses, they’ll return for steaming hot chocolate – but for the moment, I’ve got time to myself and a project in the works. 

Winter holidays are the perfect excuse for slowing down the business end of things, and focusing my attention on my more creative side. Very selfish, to be sure, but when inspiration hits I find it’s best to ignore all those other distractions and just go for the ride. 

I hope you’ve been enjoying these last days of 2015 as much as I have! 




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