Antique Windows in the Garden


Last fall, I was picking up some old aluminum storm windows (to re-use the glass for our custom made new wood storms). They came off an old church that had recently replaced its wood windows with vinyl (I won’t even get into how wrong I think this is). They were selling off all the old wood windows, and this beauty called to me from across the room. 20130407-080411.jpg

At $75, (+ the cost of renting a pick-up truck to cart it home!) I had to have it. We installed it where we wanted a bit of privacy by the back door.

20130407-081007.jpgIt’s not picture perfect yet, as I envision vines and foliage climbing it…but this is what it looks like now.

20130407-082358.jpgI had a look through the images on Pinterest for more antique window inspiration.

20130407-082538.jpgA sweet way to display some pots on a patio.

20130407-082638.jpgJust a little peek!

20130407-082720.jpgI love this one! I enjoy my privacy, this idea is a beautiful way to get it!



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