Antique Doors in the Garden


Is there anyone who doesn’t appreciate the many ways in which old, solid wood doors can be repurposed? We have a stack of antique doors in the basement…they will never be used inside the house again, as they were removed from doorways that no longer require them. It seems wrong to get rid of them though. What to do with old doors?

I have found that these old french doors (hinged together to form a screen) make a terrific backdrop for my finished furniture photos, and below, I have fashioned an old door into a shelf.

20130405-105016.jpgBut keeping in mind that there can definitely be “too much of a good thing”, I want to use my supply of doors outside!

Of course, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration.

20130403-102649.jpgI love this idea. It’s so simple in design, and looks completely do-able. Plus, I’ve been wanting an arbor in my garden for years!

20130403-103254.jpgDoors as gates? Nice! I love the look of this colourful garden…a welcoming sight to my tired-of-brown-grass eyes!

20130403-103459.jpgDoors as outdoor screens to hide an ugly corner? Hey! I have ugly corners to hide! This has already proven to be an easy project…maybe another screen is the way to go!

20130629-082057.jpgDon’t forget to check out this post about antique windows in the garden!
Have you used doors in your garden space? Got any more great ideas? I’m thinking that I’d use marine varnish to protect the wood from the elements. It would be a shame to have the things rot!

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